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Keith and Sahirah have lived in Los Angeles for all of their lives. Keith has from a very young age developed a passion for "repurposing" unwanted items. He has turned his passion into a mission statement to renovate blighted properties, to help improve neighborhoods.  Sahirah took a more roundabout path to her vocation. Originally  majoring in engineering, she worked in the field for 10 years, but always wanted something more fulfilling.  She took this route to help her community.. 

​Our Mission Statement

Homes Now Inc. was chartered to serve the housing needs of low to moderate income families residing in Los Angeles county generally and South Los Angeles specifically. The organization has been successful for over fifteen years providing such services as community outreach through home ownership education, neighborhood development through property acquisition/ rehabilitation and providing safe affordable housing through property sale. We are able to accomplish these objectives by forging ahead in transitioning neighborhoods with a vision of self help and empowerment. Individuals can depend on Homes Now Inc. to provide free home ownership education and counseling, however, we can only provide affordable housing based on the available inventory. Over the years we have been fortunate enough to acquire properties through the Multiple Listing Service and through mailer campaign. Our staff members have a wealth of knowledge through 15 years of renovating properties. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to not only provide more affordable housing and help foster pride in South LA neighborhoods. We currently have one funding source through City Housing Services. At Homes Now Inc. we pride ourselves in helping every family turn the dream of home ownership into a reality.